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A Few of My Favourite Books #5

Tripp by John Brunner illustrated by Paul Piech

Trip: A Sequence of Poems Through the USA is a book by John Brunner illustrated with linocuts by Paul Piech and printed by the Keepsake Press in 1971. It was printed in a limited edition of 200 copies of which 50 were numbered and signed by John Brunner. Mine is a signed copy.

John Brunner was a British author of science fiction novels. As I child I read his 1968 novel Stand On Zanzibar about an overpopulated world which won the 1969 Hugo Award for best science fiction novel. I loved it. I explored some of his other science fiction and found a great groundswell of humanity in his writing. 20 or so years ago I cam across this card-covered book of his poetry and as soon as I saw the linocuts and John Brunner’s signature I knew I had to have it.

The title page has 1970s charm, with the decorative border. The linocuts are simply carved and expressive. It’s a joy to hold.