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A Few of My Favourite Books #1

Little Red Riding Hood - copyright Caroline Glicksman 1998

In A Few of My Favourite Books I’m going to be sharing some delightful books from my personal collection. The first out of the storage box was this absolute gem from Caroline Glicksman which she hand printed and published in 1998. Little Red Riding Hood is a single piece of rough brown card screenprinted in just two colours and folded in a concertina into a small case.

It’s a comprehensive masterclass of illustration, design and visual storytelling.

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Caroline’s ability to tell a complex moral story in just eight small square panels using only two colours is unsurpassed. The use of red for Red Riding Hood’s cloak is matched with the red of the wolf’s eyes and his slavering tongue. The alliteration of wolf, wicked and wood add to the literary feel of the opening page and are echoed by the word ‘wealthy’ on the second. Saying her grandmother is wealthy sets up the story beautifully, which is a darker twist on the story you may have encountered as a child.

One of the many things I love about Caroline’s work is the very simple, very understated, very thoughtful ability to use a graphic language to convey meaning in a way which is almost unnoticeable but very powerful. The story is only three sentences long and spread over eight panels. She has used ellipses (dot, dot, dots) to carry on the sentences across panels where the dots become the footsteps, path or scent trail which the wolf follows in pursuit of Little Red Riding Hood. Genius. Utter genius.

Caroline Glicksman completed her MA in sequential design and narrative illustration at Brighton College in 2000. Her hobbies include traveling and playing the bassoon. She lives in Oslo.

Little Red Riding Hood - copyright Caroline Glicksman 1998

Little Red Riding Hood has the simplest contruction possible, uses only two colours and has just eight pages yet is a constant delight to hold, to open, to read and to share. She produced just 60 copies.

Caroline Glicksman is an author and illustrator of children’s fiction. Her first picture book, Eric the Red was published by Random House Children’s Books in 2001 and was followed by the sequel Eric & the Red Planet in 2005. Caroline has also written and illustrated the Walker Books title Big Black Dog. Caroline has more recently collaborated with Simon Hutton, providing the black white line illustrations for Brilliant Billy’s Book of Dinosaurs and Brilliant Billy Does His Bit, both published by Andersen Press. Caroline is currently working on some new picture book ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of A Few of My Favourite Books and the tiniest glimpse into my collection. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Thank you.