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A Few of My Favourite Books #4

Siegfried the Mighty Warrior illustrated by Laszlo Gal

In A Few Of My Favourite Books I share some delightful books from my personal collection. The fourth book from my collection is Siegfried the Mighty Warrior by Maria Luisa Gafaell de Vivanco illustrated by Laszlo Gal.

It was originally published in Milan in 1965 and published in the UK in 1967 by Paul Hamlyn. I was given a copy in the 1970s as a young child. Given how fashionable mid-century style is now, I wonder whether that is going to spread to mid-century illustration? I think a whole new generation need to discover Laszlo Gal and an older generation need to rediscover him.

Laszlo Gal is one of my favourite illustrators because he gives a life to characters which is perfectly in tune with the book and yet gives the story a whole new perspective because of his artistic vision.

Laszlo Gal is brilliant in the use of dense repetitive pattern in blocks with the use of scratched and textured backgrounds. He uses strong graphic blocks of texture and colour with exaggerated bodies with small hands, heads and feet. The book is a delight.

Siegfried the Mighty Warrior illustrated by Laszlo Gal

I also love the way the text and images work together on the double-page spreads. Here the image and the three columns of text are balanced perfectly with a wide blank column to the left:

Siegfried the Mighty Warrior illustrated by Laszlo Gal

I hope you’ve enjoyed the third of A Few of My Favourite Books and the tiniest glimpse into my collection. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Thank you.