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A Few of My Favourite Books #6

Happy Days Through Safety Days by Caroline Glicksman

Caroline Glicksman is my favourite illustrator. (Now known as Caroline Whitehead). Her ability to tell hilarious stories in images is unsurpassed and I find everything she has done utterly delightful. ‘Happy Days Through Safety Days‘ is a folding concertina book inspired by the road signs she saw when travelling through Cochin in India.

From “Right way is to keep left always” to “When safety dies, accident is born”, the simple, awkward, home-spun wisdom of the text is charming. The startling colour scheme of cyan, magenta, yellow and black is perfect for the vibrant images. The whole concertina is a triumph.

The book is screenprinted in an edition of 27 copies (mine is number 26 – phew! Just got there in time!). Please check out Caroline’s other work at

I hope you’ve enjoyed the third of A Few of My Favourite Books and the tiniest glimpse into my collection. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Thank you.

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